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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UN embassadors email address list

As an activist, I find the information very usefull. Please feel free to share this United Nations Embassadors email list

US: usa@un.int
Australia australia@un.int
Austria austria@un.int
Canada canada@un.int
Denmark nycmis@um.dk
Finland sanomat.yke@formin.fi
Germany germany@un.int
Greece greece@un.int
Iceland thorsteinn.ingolfsson@utn.stjr.is
Italy italy@un.int
Japan mission@un-japan.org
Luxembourg luxun@undp.org
Poland polun@undp.org
Portugal portugal@un.int
South Africa sacg@southafrica-newyork.net
Spain spain@un.int
Sweden sweden@un.int
Switzerland Vertretung-UN@nyc.rep.admin.ch
Turkey turkey@un.int
Ukraine mail@uamission.org

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