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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Don't Let Congress Block Your Email

Online petitions are a main means for us to communicate with our government about the level of quality and safety that we expect in our products.
Among other things, public outcry has brought about food and drug labeling, product testing, and full disclosure laws. But last month, Congressional offices began adopting new software that blocks the delivery of bulk email, significantly compromising our ability as consumers to have our voices heard.

Take action to say NO.
This technology, called logic puzzles, requires you to answer a question such as "What does 1+1 equal?" before submitting a comment to your representative. What this means: only those constituents who go directly to the lawmaker's own website can send them a message. Those of us sending our comments through a non-profit or an online community, such as the petitionsite, may be blocked.

Since the average person doesn't have the money or power to lobby Congress with their issues, the Internet has served as a tool to open up communication between millions of Americans and their elected representatives. Don't let Congress diminish this democratic means of communication.

Is it not one of our most basic rights to ask that our government hold private industry accountable for the products they produce? And if we choose to do so on behalf of a larger movement, why should Congress feel they have a right to ignore our dissent?

Stop Congress from taking away your two most fundamental rights: the right to petition and the right to organize. Join Care2, Consumer's Union, and a wide array of other non-profit organizations in fighting to make it easier, not harder for you to hold your elected representatives accountable.
Go to: http://go.care2.com/e/Lz./OM/E2gY Thanks for taking action today.

Lauren Alvarez Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
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