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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Christianity, Jesus and the Pagan Connection

Christianity, Jesus and the Pagan Connection
by Ellen LloydAuthor of Voices from Legendary Times
Copyright © Ellen Lloyd

Did Christianity arise from ancient mystery Pagan religions? Did the early Roman Church deliberately adopt a vast number of Pagan rites, festivals, and beliefs? If this was the case, what motivated the priests to copy specific aspects of Pagan mythology? What is the connection between Jesus and certain Pagan gods? Is it possible that Christianity and Paganism have more in common than our Christian authorities are willing to admit?

A majority of us associate Paganism with idol worship, blood sacrifices, and witchcraft. We were taught to believe that Pagans are primitive people, who in some way worship the devil. So, how can a pure, sacred, and unique religion as Christianity be based on such occult concepts? Surely, this assumption can only be dismissed as absurd.

To write off something as "impossible" is an easy and quick process. Still, before we reject the Christian/Pagan connection, we should first ask ourselves a couple of questions. Could it perhaps be that we have a totally wrong and twisted image of old traditional Paganism? Were the mystery religions maybe more spiritually developed than we realize? What was the true reason for painting followers of the mystery religions in such black colors?

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