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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Call for Submissions from the Dragon Clan Circle

Proclaimed by: Dragon Clan Circle
Proclaimed from: Mitchell, Indiana


As most of us know, Laughter is sometimes the best medicine and the best magic!!! Have you ever done something in ritual or during a spell, that you thought was just hilarious or amusing? Did you ever tell someone about that time you accidentally set fire to the altar? What about the time you thrust your athame to the sky to only hit the ceiling fan? I am collecting these stories, whether they were something you did, or something a friend or loved one told you about, or you witnessed.
Please forward all submissions to me atsubmissions@dragonclancircle.com
Please include your name and contact information.
Blessed Be
Lady Breanna WinDancer
Website: http://www.dragonclancircle.com
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