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Thursday, July 27, 2006

First Ever Woman to be elected Archdruid

Important proclammation, liking with Witchvox.com

"Proclaimed by: DruidEire
Proclaimed from: Kilkenny, Ireland

The First Ever Woman in History is elected Archdruid of Tara.

On Wednesday last, 19th July 2006, Lady Druid Gina McGarry was declared elected by Returning Officer Gabriel Murray of Kilkenny City, Ireland.

So for the first time in the history of Ireland, after a gruelling national election, Gina was officially endorsed and declared Archdruid of Tara.

Gina, from Southern California USA is years living in Ireland. Of Irish parentage/ancestry, She originally came to ireland to train as a Druid.

And now she is elected this week as Archdruid of Tara by all of Ireland's Druids!

This is a first. And this is a great breakthrough for women in what up-to-now has been a male bastion - Irish Druidry.

Gina succeeds Archdruid Michael McGrath, Chief of the Order of Druids in Ireland, as Archdruid of Tara. Archdruid McGrath still remains on at his post as Archdruid of Ireland and Chief of the ODI.

email Archdruid Gina McGarry: brighid9@iolfree.ie

Archdruid McGarth: DruidEire@cablenet.ie"
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  • At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is a counterfeit election. No such power to confer Druidic honours rests with Mr McGrath who is a neo-nazi and a latter self proclaimed Archdruid. Mr McGrath has espoused the jailing of Gays and the burning of their homes, has stood for election as a neo-nazi and has repeatedly lied and slandered those genuine Druids who reject him and expose his vile concepts. Gina McGarry is a fool who moved to Ireland from San Francisco and was greatful to accept an honour from anybody. McGrath likewise welcomes any accpetance as nobody in Ireland other than Melvyn Lloyd, moved in from England, gives him any respect.

    The Ordre des Druides which is Ancient and Traditional has placed a GEIS on Mr McGrath, Ms McGarry and Mr Lloyd. See here:


    Druid Con Connor of Dublin has done trojan work in exposing this insult to all treu Druids. See here:
    and here:


    As you can see, Gina McGarry is not a role model for women but a fool to be pitied. We pray she will soon achieve enough wisdom and discrimination to distance herself from the vile fake druid McGrath and join us in the community of Druids.

    Guy de Cervens


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