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Friday, July 21, 2006

Herbal Secrets- the Chamomile Flower

With an increasingly demanding society and the lack of sufficient responses from the medical health sector to deal with the “new” diseases- stress, depression- human kind started to turn its attention to the ancient medicine.
For example, who have never asked for a chamomile flower tea in stressful situations?
Well know for it’s relaxing and calming properties, the chamomile flower- also known as matricaria recutita or chamomilla- is a popular natural soothing herb. And this article its all about it.

With the increasing popularity of natural medicine, the health care market has grown to include natural treatments in its remedies lists. All around us we see natural health care products displayed and announced -even in traditional medical pharmacies.
Don’t misunderstand me! I think that is great. I am a great fan of traditional medicine myself, and a good chamomile flower tea is all that I could ask for at the end of a stressful day. As a Wiccan, I have a strong relation with herbs and nature and I would rather opt for something natural than chemical.

But relaxing you is not all the beautiful yellow chamomile plant can do; it is also well known for soothing headaches, a rebel stomach, a sensible skin and, when dried, those flowers also make a gorgeous potpourri.

If you are looking to use the chamomile flower to help you relax, you will find there are many offers in the market to your needs- you will find capsules, essential oils, dried chamomile flower leaves and petals (whole or powdered), ready-made teas, floral waters, pills and even sleeping pillows- those are little gaze pillows filled with the dried chamomile flower.
You can easily find these products in specialty shops and don’t forget to look online- you will be amazed of the quantity and the quality of products available in the Internet. Many online Wiccan stores sell herbal products, that is one place to look at!

For the gardening enthusiasts, the chamomile plant is a very pleasant one to add to your garden- it will ad colour and aroma to your green space and, whenever you feel like a hot chamomile flower tea, you will have it at hand, anytime.
The chamomile flower can be consumed dried or fresh, depending on your specific needs and tastes great both ways. Every Pagan has it in him/her to appreciate outdoors time, if you have the means, you will enjoy the adventure of gardening.

Cosmetic wise, this flower is also known to produce effective moisturising creams and oils, being widely used by this industry.
As far as the laws and regulations go, chamomile flower usage has been approved for internal and external use – especially in bacterial skin infections. There aren’t any known side effects or contraindications, nor is chamomile dangerous to consume during pregnancy. With that said, go enjoy the beauties Mother Nature put in this planet for us to experience bliss and respect. Blessed Be and always remember the Wiccan Rede; it is valid not only when working with humans but also with plants ;)

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