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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Magickal Properties of Gemstones

The Magickal Properties of Gemstones

Agate - general
Description: Red / orange / brown / black with patterns, stripes, and/or banding

Good for general protection and very effective for protecting children. Helps in healing - especially blood disorders, skin and intestines. Increases Strength, restores bodily energy, increases courage, and tends to promote longevity. Removes envious thoughts and spite, while easing stressful situations. Agates, especially banded, are good for meditation. Carried while gardening, this stone increases plants’ fertility and health.

Description: Hot green with grey / white markings

Attracts money and luck. Great for gambling ! Good for increasing concentration, completing projects, expanding emotional expression to promote healing. Turns emotional grief into creativity.

Description: Usually Golden, but may also be red, creamy, black. Translucent, trasparent, cloudy.

Excellent for use in rituals for enhancing your beauty and attractiveness. Helps to attract love and stimulates happiness and pleasure. Amber is used as both a good luck and protective amulet, and is extremely protective against negative magick which has been directed against you. When placed on the altar, it can increase the effectiveness of your spells. Amber is said to increase strength while relieving or curing health conditions. Amber is also very useful in protecting children.

Description: Pale Purple Amethyst and Pale Green Quartz Together

Very powerful at drawing money - especially in business and/or investment.Wonderful for calming and soothing along with calming fears and reducing stress. Look for this stone to help increase "luck" and can add a little energy to magickal powers.


Description: Translucent purple with white / clear chevron pattern

A must-have in the Magick realm ! Helps to calm fears and reduce stress. Dispels both doubts and negativity while it relieves depression. Promotes good judgement and induces vivid dreams. Amethyst increases mental powers, which makes it incredibly useful in psychism. Also draws pure and true emotional love.

Description: Translucent purple Amethyst and Golden Citrine Together

A powerful and BEAUTIFUL stone ! Removes negativity and can help you reach higher states of meditation more quickly. Excellent for astral travel. Increases magickal powers greatly. Helps to access "higher knowledge". Balances energies (male/female and more) and can create a path toward the "ultimate state of perfection".
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