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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Magickal Properties of Gemstones- Part Two

The Magickal Properties of Gemstones- Part Two

This information was gathered at my website and you can read the complete article there:

Angelite Description: Beautiful Light Blue

Calming, stabilize emotions and ease anxiety and stress. Use for creative work, psychic ability, public speaking, and helping oneself to become more assertive. Reduce anger, aid in self-forgiveness, and gain spiritual protection. Angelite has also been used for working with angels and for sending telepathic messages to people and pets.

Description: Neon Teal - Semi Translucent

(Beautiful !) Excellent for all forms of Psychism and Spirituality. Beautifully calming effect. Will facilitate results in magickal workings and help/develop humanitarian goals. Can create a very deep state of meditaion. Perfect representation for the Water element. If one is translucent enough - it may also be used for a unique experience in divination.

Named for the Goddess, this pink stone is useful in love magick. Helps to open up the heart chakra and allow you to receive love, while at the same time increasing your ability to give love. Useful in magick designed to help draw true love and find your soul mate. Aphrodite is also useful in promoting fidelity and trust in an established relationship.

Description: Translucent to transparent light sea blue / green

Enhances the utilization of psychic powers and makes the mind more alert. Excellent for cleansing and purifying. Aquamarine can be used in rituals to ensure good health. It soothes and calms emotional problems and promotes peace, happiness, and joy as it halts fear. Stone of the Sea Goddesses, Psychism, Courage.

Excellent for centering, and communicating with higher plains. Exquiste for healing, and can be used on ALL chakra points at once.

A blue-violet stone which is a form of chalcedony. Due to its color, avalonite is useful in calming and soothing, aiding meditation and visualization, and promoting a sense of security for the user. Also useful in aiding psychic awareness and delving into the mythical past and collective consciousness.

Aventurine - green
Description: Green with many silver speckles

This is an excellent good luck stone. It is useful in spells involving money, gambling, and business success. Can calm troubled emotions and speed general healing. This stone increases perception and intelligence while it stimulates creativity. Silver specks enhance the powers of the stone

Aventurine - red
Description: Maroon/purple with silvery speckles

Excellent courage promotion, lends energy to body, draws luck in love.

Aventurine - blue
Description: Blue with some silvery speckles

Reduces negative emotions, purification, peace, when held - reduces pain.

Aventurine - peach/orange
Description: faded Orange/Peach w/ some silvery speckles

Good luck stone, personal power, self worth, attracts success to owner.

Aventurine - silver
Description: Grey/Silver with silvery speckles

Increase to magickal power, emotional, moon Energy, success

Aventurine - black
Description: Black with silvery speckles
Control, power, grounding, Magickal invisibility.

A dark blue stone which can heal emotional trauma, confusion, blocks, and negativity. This stone is also useful in working with spirit guides, animal guides, and the Goddess. It is also said to increase psychic healing ability and aid in visualization.

This interesting stone is peach and black. It is helpful in rituals and spells designed to clear obstacles in one's life path. Using barite helps to conserve energy, and so is helpful for those who have immune problems or who are excessively anxious or stressed. Helps to promote a balanced energy flow in the user.

Description: Various colors - usually translucent or cloudy
Psychism, Healing, Love, Energy, anti- gossip. Can help locate lost items - hold in hand and visualize lost item. Often carried to win arguements or debates. Exchanged between lovers. Can help increase purity and cleansing.

Black Onyx
Great for defense against negativity. Can be used to reduce sexual desires. Onyx is an extremely potent protective stone, and is widely known for its ability to protect against psychic attacks and hexes.

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