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Friday, September 15, 2006

Wake up bloggers to the Darfur crisis

This is an interesting wake up call I have received from a mailing list I belong too.

"Wake up bloggers to the Darfur crisis
One way to get the slumbering masses thinking about the huge Darfur crisis is to wake up blog owners.Suggestion: go to Technorati and search Darfur -- it might help knock TV and pop celebs off the top searches. Ask your friends and email lists to do the same. Another method is to post information on your websites and blogs. Time is running out!Darfur news. Track new stories about Darfur – create an email alert. Darfur news by RSS.

Pip Wilson
Emerald Beach, NSW, Australia
Website: http://www.wilsonsa lmanac.com
Blog: http://wilsonsalman ac.blogspot. com
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