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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oak Trail Books Celebrates 12 Years

Local Bookstore Celebrates 12 & Welcomes New Coffee ShopPalm Harbor, FL – Oak Trail Books, a metaphysical books and gift shoppe in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor, is celebrating 12 years of business this month. Original owners, Rick & Lesley Klein, continue to grow their vision of a place where patrons can find the information they seek to create better lives. The latest development in the short history of this unique bookstore (housed in a 100+ year-old historic building) is the addition of a new coffee & ice cream shoppe called The Witch’s Brew. This magickally-themed café features locally roasted coffee, all-natural locally-made ice cream (Old Meeting House Ice Cream) and “everything in between, ” including beer and wine. Co-owners Lesley Klein and Denise Karnes brainstormed this fun eclectic coffeehouse themed after Witchy paraphernalia. A “Wall of Best Witches” features famous film and TV witches like Samantha from Bewitched and Harry Potter. “Witchy” gifts like Witch Balls, Kitchen Witches, Witch’s Brew Candles, Brooms, and Flying Monkeys are for sale. Flying Monkeys are stuffed monkeys that when slingshot into a wall make a screaming sound. The space is decorated with floating witch hats and was painted by Co-owner Denise Karnes who transformed it into magical place. At the center of the room, a yellow brick road spirals out with signs that point to The Emerald City and Munchkinland. “There’s even a full moon with a witch silhouette flying across it that doubles as a night light” declares Co-owner Lesley Klein. “The space decorated itself, ” explains Ms. Karnes, “I paint intuitively… the space tells me what it wants… it all came together like “poof”!” “We pulled this together in 8 weeks, so it feels like it happened with a twitching of our noses and poof… The Witch’s Brew is here!" smiles Ms. Klein.“Laughter & good music is what we want to attract at our weekly Open Mic Nights on Thursdays from 7 – 10 pm, ” Klein continues. Live entertainment is featured on an open-air deck under the trees on Friday and Saturday evenings. FREE Wi-Fi Internet Access is also available for laptop users. The menu categories at The Witch’s Brew include: BREWS (coffees & teas) , POTIONS (smoothies, juices & soups) , EATS (salads, “sandwitches” & wraps) , TREATS (ice cream garnished with witch hats & other desserts) and SPIRITS (beer & wine) . Specialty wine drinks are offered with names like “Ruby Slippers”, “Goddess Cosmo” and “Midnight Margarita”. The mission statement of The Witch’s Brew is: To provide a welcoming place where patrons can nourish their bodies with wholesome foods & beverages prepared with good intentions and feed their spirits in a positive energy space where like-minded, positive people love to hang out.The Witch’s Brew and Oak Trail Books are located at 1219 Florida Avenue in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor (Pinellas County) . A 5-night stay in Maui, Hawaii will be given away on Sunday, June 24th as part of the festivities. The winner’s name will be provided at that time. To reach The Witch’s Brew, call 727-483-9210 or see www.thewitchsbrew.com ; to reach Oak Trail Books, call 727-785-1960 or see www.oaktrailbooks.com.# # #Website: http://thewitchsbrew.com/Telephone: (727) 785-483-9210To view ALL of my listings: Click HERE
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